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dear bianca, your duds are amazing. love, the retrospective.

April 21st, 2009 by


For her Fall 2008 line, Bianca Benitez sought inspiration from Scandinavian folk art, mid century textile designer Alexander Girard, and the artwork of Mary Blair (best known for designing “It’s a Small World” for Walt Disney). In Spring 2009, she found inspiration in the iconic stylings of Sharon Tate and Priscilla Presley. With each line, Bianca finds a way to blend unique sources of inspiration with signature style, giving her LA-based label, Dear Creatures, a look that is getting noticed. Fall 2009 (hitting stores August 2009) promises to be no exception for Dear Creatures – Bianca tells me it is a collection inspired by photographs of 1960s girl scout troops.

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Dolan’s Hillary Justin Has Got The Fiction!

April 15th, 2009 by


America’s Next Top Model? Borrrring. Project Runway? Gross. How about a fashion storyline that inspires beyond the catty platitudes of reality TV. I’m talking about a story with soul. I’m talking about the story of one Hillary Justin; a tale as unique as the hemlines of the clothes she designs for Los Angeles-based label, dolan. Self-described as an “expression of synergies and contradictions,” the dolan line is: “Effortlessly sexy; Classically original; Playfully confident.” Creative Director and Founder, Jodie Dolan, was kind enough to let me spend an afternoon with her lead designer at their downtown office as Hillary imparted some hard fought wisdom as to how exactly a girl from the midwest with no ambition whatsoever to become a clothing designer for one of LA’s hottest labels, did exactly that.

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DIY Done Dutifully: Mika Miko At The Smell in LA

March 20th, 2009 by


The Smell, downtown LA’s most famous not-for-profit, shady-ass-alley-located music venue, didn’t really smell all that bad. In fact, being that the place is all-ages, alcohol free, and volunteer-run, it smelled better than most punk shows I’ve been to. Mika Miko was the headliner, and the 5-piece mostly all-girl punk outfit from the Valley smelled like glory on Monday night.

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Internet Births Yet Another Beautiful Baby:

March 18th, 2009 by


I love the internet–love, love, love it–for a number of reasons; one of those reasons is websites like Last weekend imgfave founder and creator Gabe Ragland was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about his innovative image bookmarking community. We’re delivering it to you in an exclusive Retrospective interview.

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Mo Billionaire. The Retrospective Interview.

March 5th, 2009 by


One of the most influential people in music today is a man you’ve probably never heard of. Its not your fault if you haven’t, Mo B. has almost as many alias’ as he has artists under his wing, and he has successfully positioned himself as the Chicago Renaissance’s man behind-the-scenes. Mo. B aka Mo. Billionaire aka Mo. B Necessary aka Moses aka The Manifestor is an artist manager, brand manager, consultant, and co-founder of the management and production company, The Movement Worldwide, and its online component, Wedonotfollow. His talent roster includes: Shala, Hollywood Holt, Mic Terror, Ace Watkins, Low B, Million $ Mano, Skyler, and visual artists Seven Spoon, and Hebru Brantley. He was at ground zero with Low B and Diplo in Hollertronix when they gave the Indy-hipster kids their first taste of black urban party rocker beats mashed up with electro. He cut his teeth in talent management by signing Chicago’s own Qualo to Universal Records, and is considered by some to be the bedrock of the New Chicago movement.

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Fresh Lids for the White House, Fresh Lids for the World.

February 18th, 2009 by


On a vision quest to bring classic hat styles back into the mainstream with ‘vigor and purpose,’ Goorin Brothers Hatmakers have sent our newly appointed leader one of their signature fedoras, The Blake. Chosen for That One  (presumably to be renamed, Lid One) Goorin kicked off their Great American Hat Campaign during the inauguration, asking folks to vote on the hat best suited for the new President. 

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