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A Rare Bird Named Alan

March 13th, 2009 by


Alan The Gallant? Who is this dashing Mr. Mysterio lounging one table over in this, your favorite café? Charmingly quixotic and devastatingly refined, when you lean over to ask for the time—really just an excuse to steal a closer look at his exquisitely tailored trousers and perfectly patterned socks—he gracefully snags the receipt for your coffee, jangling a few euros onto the tray, and disappears in a whirl of sartorial splendor and kisses on the cheek.

And then you wake up to realize that Alan doesn’t exist. But never fear! the whimsical, whip-smart creative minds who gave him his savoir-vivre and collection of shoes—Ana Montiel and Alex Bedoya—do.


From their Barcelona studio, Alex and Ana—the first letters of whose names form the moniker “Alan”—create sophisticated, fanciful designs that adorn walls, L’Oreal magazines, and French beauty prods alike. Evoking the dreamy finery befitting the Catalonian capital, ATG invites those lucky enough to interact with their beautiful pieces deep into a verdant, candy colored rabbit hole very much influenced by the botanical, the French, and Creative partner Ana Montiel’s latest musical fixation.

Formerly Itte Studio, the Iberian duo, now under the fresh identity of Alan The Gallant, creates everything from album covers and promotional materials to corporate identities and trade show pieces. ATG does websites and product packaging and a finely scented potpourri of other garments, interactive pieces, and print products as well. Whatever the project, the ATG flavor is distinct—one that, were Alan here, he’d probably identify as “utterly divine.”


We’re particularly entranced by ATG’s mesmerizing patterns, one of which—Topo Azul—was recently featured in The New York Times. ATG’s online store, Pattern Tales, is the place where international audiences and Spanish natives alike may purchase ATG’s gorgeous illustrations, lithographs and papers. Stop by to score a genuine golden lithograph of Topo Azul or the limited edition Topo Choco—a comely addition to any chic pad. Not in the market for one-of-a-kind art? Then stop by Ana’s place,, to see whose design work she’s diggin’, what she’s listening to as she creates, and her latest inspirations, obsessions and observations in and around Spain’s arts and culture capitol.

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