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We Are Each Other: Tim Drabandt

March 16th, 2009 by

In an effort to foster relationships and create dialogues with the creative forces that inspire us, “We Are Each Other” is an on-going series that spotlights designers in various design disciplines. These in-depth interviews and essays showcase our belief that we are all extensions of a larger artistic community, inspiring and motivating each other to new heights of imagination and innovation.


Tapping technology for growth and inspiration is something we do every day at The Retrospective. Technology connects us with communities hundreds of thousands of miles away, right around the corner, and even out in Minneapolis—which is where we found interactive and typographic designer Tim Drabandt. Tim’s own search to grow and learn through the web resonated with us, so we did a little exploring, and decided we just had to feature his work. We’re humbled at having been gifted with amazing work from all of our “We Are Each Other” designers, and Tim is no exception.

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Tim Drabandt and I am an Interactive Designer. While my focus is on creating Web experiences, I also enjoy creating and working with type.

Selected Work
Wedding Logo Hush Logo
Brimley Typeface
We Are Each Other

5 typefaces that you are currently digging right now
Trade Gothic Extended

4 books that inspire you?
It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden
I can’t recommend this book to enough people. Not only is it inspirational, but I pick it up every now and then to remind myself of it’s teachings. Specifically, one chapter is titled “Don’t Covet Your Ideas,” which I see a direct correlation with the We Are Each Other feature on The Retrospective. The premise of not coveting your ideas is that the more you share your ideas & inspiration, the more that will come back to you. It’s $8.95 on Amazon, therefore you have no excuse to not own a copy of this book.

Typographie by Emil Ruder
Good typographic standards are timeless, and Ruder makes his arguments through the use of extensive of graphic and typographic examples. The layout of the book itself can also be used as a teaching tool. Not only is this book for the beginning Graphic Designer, it is for the advanced as well.

Grid Systems by Josef Müeller-Brockmann
A must read for any designer. I would argue that designers who didn’t already use the basic fundamentals that appear within this book are lost. I feel validated in that statement by the recent onslaught of grid education Web sites. While these sites explore other aspects of the grid, such as Web typography, many of the fundamentals that appear on these sites also appear within this book.

1923 American Type Founders Catalog

Not necessarily an easy book to find, but it continues to be a source of inspiration for me. Referred to as the Blue Bible by some typographers, the ATF Catalog has over 900 pages of typographic layouts and typefaces.

•• I want to point people to the Book Advice section on the YWFT Web site. A couple of years ago, I approached my good friend Mike Cina about wanting to learn more about design & it’s theories. Mike spent a week or two compiling a list of books that he saw as critical to any education in design. I have to give Mike mad props for spending the time to come up with this list, and it’s been invaluable to my education, and I’m still plugging away at that list. 🙂

3 people you admire
Michael Cina
Eighthourday (Katie Kirk & Nathan Strandburg)
Chank Diesel

2 things you want to do before you die
Be a part of something great.
Not regret missing a moment

1 motto you live by
Be Here Now

To view more of Tim’s work please click here

Interested in being featured as a spotlighted artist in our new “We Are Each Other” series? Or do you know someone you think we should spotlight? Drop us a line at waeo<‘at’>!

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  • 1 Charles West Mar 17, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    Once again, you come through on the importance of independence in entrepreneurial networking and how important and vital it is to start ups in the same area of work or vision. The “We Are Each Other” tag line is brilliant and is very similar to what my envision is with my business UFAMM Enterprises (parent of UFAMM Ink)– UFAMM stands for “United Families All Make Money” as you can see kind of the same concept.

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