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  • A Night of Danger with the Virgins

    May 19th, 2009 by


    The Virgins recently released the video for their single, “One Week of Danger.” The vibe of the video recalls frontman Donald Cumming’s teenage years growing up on the Lower East Side, complete with tooling around in pimp rides and the *cough* ubiquitous hot dog fight.

    “The idea for the video, we came up with in, I think, a minute,” he tells Spinner. “We were just sitting in the van on tour just completely crammed and squished together, and we were like, ‘Remember when we used to like going around in big vehicles, like when we were younger?'”

    Cumming also told Spinner that back in high school, a “big night out” would be chipping in $30 and spending the night driving around in an Escalade, listening to music.

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    “Your Message Here” Reception at Fred Flare

    April 14th, 2009 by

    Friday night, Fred Flare opened its doors for a party at their flagship store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The occasion at hand was a reception for the closing of “Your Message Here,” an installation that has been livening up their storefront for the past 40 days.


    Artists Shauna Alterio and Stephen Loidolt, otherwise known as “Something’s Hiding in Here,” were commissioned by Fred Flare to create art for the windows of their new store. The two artists have been collaborating since their days in art school. They’ve lived all over the US but now call Philly their home. They showed up on Fred Flare’s radar thanks to an installation they’d done for an Urban Outfitters in Philadelphia. This particular UO store has a ton of window space and invites artists to create installations for their stores for two months of time. Facing the Institute of Contemporary Art, it comes as no surprise that there was a lot of buzz about their “roadside marquee” inspired installation.

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    Mother New York Wants The World To Crash On Their “Mother Couch 2.0”

    April 2nd, 2009 by

    This past Wednesday, the Mother New York ad agency threw a major rager in honor of a couch. Okay, it wasn’t so much a rager, but it was a launch party for their latest creation, Mother Couch 2.0.

    Mother Couch 2.0

    What is Mother Couch 2.0, you ask? In the words of the ad agency behind the couch: “The World’s First Fully Integrated Sofa.” What this means is that you can actually find this couch, which resides on the 5th floor of a Bond Street building right off of Bowery, all over the web. Like any normal, self-respecting living room entity, Mother Couch 2.0 has gmail, a facebook and even a MySpace account. It’s got its very own blog on blogspot and is oh-so-trendy by having a Twitter account, to boot! You can even find Mother Couch 2.0 on LinkedIn, in case you were looking to hire a sofa.

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    Razorlight Tour Kicks off in NYC

    March 17th, 2009 by

    Five days after the news hit that drummer, Andy Burrows had left the band, I had the chance to see Razorlight’ s Tour Kickoff and Album Release for their new LP, “Slipaway Fires.” The whole kickin’ shibang went down at the multi-leveled, multi-bar’d Hiro Ballroom in Manhattan.

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    Leo Ketsing Silent Auction: GLS’s Tribute to Iconic 80s & 90s Fashion

    February 25th, 2009 by


    Walking into the Leo Ketsing Gallery this past Friday night, one might have thought they’d stumbled into a trendy fashion auction from twenty years ago. Event organizers Zia Ziprin and Raquel Griffin put together a night full of retro fashion and fun all for a good cause. Designers Issey Miyake, Claude Montana, and Theirry Mugler were showcased, although plenty of other labels prominent in this time could be found throughout the racks (we spotted some Chanel!) The clothes being bid on for the silent auction were bright, fun, and fabulous!

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