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Oh I Think They Like Me- Girl Talk in CT

May 2nd, 2008 by

Albeit a week later, the mere mention Girl Talk’s music still drives me into a barrage of excited banter. Friends have had to deal with my hyper antics since last Friday when ultimate mashup DJ, Girl Talk, headlined a show at Toads Place in New Haven, CT.

Packed in like sardines at the sold out show, we were slowly inched into a dance frenzy as openers Passion Pit mixed their own brand of lilting vocals and hip shaking electro pop the likes of which Hot Chip would be proud. Don’t make the mistake of categorizing them as some “sub-sub-genre” new wave revival. Passion Pit states on their myspace, “So like, get it out of your mind that this is yet another avant-retro scumbag project…” Although slightly avant garde in my opinion, Passion Pit brings it on with their own brand of delicious body-movin’ beats that will surely earn them a place among the big boys. Anyway, back to the subject at hand…

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