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Pump 20: Reebok Pumps it Up for Sneakerheads

December 21st, 2009 by


Photo Credit: Reebok

Being an active member of the streetwear community and a sneaker enthusiast for around 6 years has taught me a few things: one, how to survive for a few days sitting outside of a store on a crowded, freezing New York City street; two, how to haggle with other sneakerheads over the price of a pair of size 12 De La Soul Hi’s; and perhaps most importantly, three, how to accept sneakers as not just footwear, but art.

When I was in third grade, the only thing I can recall wanting fashion-wise was a pair of PUMPS! I was so stoked on those things. I remember when this kid in my class first got a pair, I was so excited I ran home and begged my mom for some, but all I got were some Sketchers from the clearance rack in the nearest Bob’s Store. I have yet to cop a pair of Pumps, but thankfully now there is a new reason to get excited about picking some up. Reebok’s Pump20 is an exciting new project for the iconic sneaker’s 20th birthday. For this milestone anniversary, Reebok brings some of the culture’s greatest talents to the design table. Alife Rivington Club, Huf, Undftd, Patta, Kicks-Hi, Packer Shoes, and St. Alfred are just some of the guest designers being represented in the huge release.

reebook pump20
Photo Credit: Sneaker Maniac

Available in essentially every material and color, each of the pumps has its own unique flavor. All collaborators are the top 20 global affiliates, and each company involved has their own limited release. In addition, Reebok itself will be re-releasing the original dual-color design of the shoe. What does all of this mean? Get ready: 22 unique versions of the old standby sneaker have been rethought, redesigned and reborn.

Reebok has also filmed a short 22-minute documentary celebrating the shoe. It features the inventor of the sneaker, Paul Litchfield, and a few of the athletes who stand by (or in) it. The documentary was released November 20th, after four 60-second long teaser trailers piqued global audiences. Start with the documentary, and if you’re hungry for more, the Pump20 website has everything you need to know, starting with a timeline of every single type of Pump ever released and all of the spin-off designs. It also offers information on the collaborations and how to snag a pair from this historic collection. Good luck, sneakerheads, and get your sleeping bags ready! This one is going to go fast!

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  • 1 Raqattack Dec 21, 2009 at 11:24 am

    This is awesome! Now can you write a blog about the process of staking one of these out in a sleeping bag in the winter?
    Thx 😛