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Wexley School For Girls: World Widening The World Wide Web

April 22nd, 2009 by


Wexley School For Girls commands a cheeky, quirky, downright gutsy online vibe that falls somewhere between a Monty Python skit and a Yo’ momma joke competition. The Seattle-based marketing, branding, design, and interactive agency holds clients that range from car dealerships to Italian soccer boot purveyor, Diadora. The best part? Despite its varied clientele, everything that leaves Wexley for a client–be it retailer or service–retains a delicious, exotic Wexley flavor. I’m thinking mangosteen. Wait: mangosteen with bacon!


So let’s face it: some firms are willing to get on their knees and lick their clients’ well-designed athletic shoes in order to get the job, abdicating all creative fervor and individual flavor somewhere between eye-batting and patella nuzzling. Wexley’s videos, print pieces, web work and–hallelujah!–copy, might be FOR other brands, but they’re undeniably the product of Wexley. I find the sheer bravery of this refreshing and inspiring—which is perhaps why I keep going back to watch more shorts.


Peep the ‘tube spot for Portland car dealership Thomason Auto and, my favorite, the microsite for Sharps: BarberBrigade. Rife with hilarious talking heads and delightfully barbed copy that queries “Have you lost your man in a sea of fur? Are you afraid to eat lunch with your friend because chunks of chowder coddle and crust in his chin bush?” it’s easy to be delighted, and very easy to stay awhile and giggle during your day job. Not that I’d know.

To see what it means to push the envelope right and retain individuality in an overcrowded valley of advertorial sheep, head on over and check Wexley out.

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  • 1 Cal McAllister Apr 22, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    Caitlin Schiller rules!

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    Oh hey THANKS, Cal! Check your email! Clearly I think you all are pretty awesome, too!