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Kid Millionaire @ The Rickshaw Stop

October 20th, 2007 by

So I’ve pretty much been underground for the last month. Nothing had really sparked my interest to get me to leave my apartment if it wasn’t related to school or work, but last night all that changed. Quick background Steve Aoki (Kid Millionaire) is a music powerhouse. For some old school fans he used to be the front man for post-hardcore act This Machine Kills. He is also currently owner of indie label Dim Mak which is not only the name of the touch of death, but also home to bands like Bloc Party and The Klaxons. Steve has spent most of the year globe trotting industry parties, lavish suites and 10,000$ a night gigs. He is also in the works promoting his new CD “Pillowface and his Airplane Chronicles”, dropping on Dim Mak in January.

Last night The Rickshaw Stop was packed to the brim with hip young San Francisco party goers anxiously trying to get in to get a taste of Aoki. My posse and I waited for upwards of an hour to get in. Inside hot, sweaty bodies shacked, shimmied, gyrated, and whatever you want to call it to his set which was hard pounding mix of dance beats, hip hop, 80’s new wave, and whatever else he hiding up his sleeve(Note: He was shirtless almost the entire night). At one point Steve halted his set to alert us that Uffie was asleep in the car and needed to out and sping with him,needless to say the place went wild after that annoucment. I met a lot of new and fun individuals and had a great time with my friends, subsequently I’m also remembering that this was all part of SF monthy dance scene organized by The Blow Up. I will most definitely be coming back for from these guys.


Steve and I


The rest of the photo’s from this wonderful party can be found here.

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