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GLOBAL PLAYLIST – Ellie Goulding

March 8th, 2010 by

Ellie Goulding
Photo Credit Ellie Gould

It’s been about a year since I first heard the enchanting song “Starry Eyed,” written and performed by new UK sensation, Ellie Goulding. Back then, I wouldn’t have guessed that Goulding’s music would experience so swift a rise to the top, but that’s precisely what’s happening–and how! The song’s debuted at #4 in the UK Charts, and her freshman album, Lights, is poised to be her first #1 album come Sunday, too.

What is it about this 23-year-old singer/songwriter’s tunes that’s taken the charts by storm? It’s probably got something to do with a winning combination of catchy lyrical content and even catchier melodies. Every track feels like a peek into Goulding’s diary of diverse and complicated experiences, and with each new song comes a chorus you can’t help but get hooked on. And it makes sense: this British charmer’s had years of experience enthralling audiences with her tunes. She began playing guitar as a teenager, and her passion for music only grew while she attended the University of Kent. Before long, the pull she felt toward making it in the music industry was too strong, and she moved to London in lieu of finishing school. There, she teamed up with producer Starsmith to concoct her debut album, Lights, which brings together acoustic folk and electronic beats. For me, stand out songs are the buzz single “Under the Sheets,” and the romantic “The Writer.” DJs Jakwob and Russ Chimes have already produced remixes of her first two singles, the tracks finding a life of their very own and bringing Goulding’s music to new ears and environments.

Ellie placed first in the BBC’s Sound of 2010 poll and was awarded the Critic’s Choice at The Brits last month. These kinds of pre-release accolades might intimidate most people, but Goulding is really pleased with the work she’s produced, as well she should be. I hold that Lights is one of the better albums to have appeared on the scene in 2010, and Goulding’s future is so bright I would definitely advise the use of shades.

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