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Brandon Scott: West Coast Cool Meets Japanese Elegance

February 15th, 2010 by

Photo Courtesy of B:Scott

“If you haven’t really struggled in life, you haven’t really lived. If you do not give up everything to do this, you will not make it in this industry.” -Brandon Scott

Though he may be the grandson of a Bauhaus educated architect, LA designer Brandon Scott is making a name for himself on his own terms. From winning awards at San Francisco State University to design collaborations with Nice Collective and B.Son/Rebecca Beeson, Scott has spent the past nine years hustling, networking and gathering as much intel as possible in hopes of one day setting out on his own. Lucky for us, that day has finally arrived. Fusing German and Japanese aesthetics with West Coast flavor, Scott has recently dropped his drool-worthy S/S 2010 collection under his own label, B:SCOTT, a collection that includes his takes on such staple garments as the cardigan and the hoodie. In an effort to distill West Coast styling, leaving it in its purest form, Scott has stripped-down streetwear and meticulously refined it to appeal to and attract men of all ages. I recently had the opportunity to browse through the S/S 2010 collection as well as listen in on a phone interview with the designer himself. After hearing his perspective on design and witnessing his drive and dedication to the industry, I believe Scott has positioned himself to take the reins of West Coast menswear.

Photo Courtesy of B:Scott

Drawing inspiration from architecture, the collection has a sharp and minimalist look that still manages to express the most laid-back facets of West Coast style. Arguably, the best architecture and design focuses on the details and reveals its complexity over time, a lot like the B:SCOTT pieces. It’s clear that Scott has pushed his designs to their logical limit; there’s a subtlety to his apparel that allows it to stand out without being loud. Through this nuanced approach to staple items, Scott has orchestrated a composition of layers and lines that pushes the envelope of contemporary menswear. In 2009, men’s fashion was all about tailoring and fit, and I think Scott has hit that sweet spot, designing beautifully finished garments that still leave room to breathe. His decision to include heavier items like hoodies and jackets and his use of materials like fleece and denim reflect his awareness of market forces as well as his goal of creating year-round wearable threads.

Photo Courtesy of B:Scott

One of my favorite pieces from the new collection is the Fleece Kimono Hooded Wrap, a sweater that fuses the elegance and functionality of the traditional Japanese garment with a casual everyday item. Rather than pulling the hoodie over your body, you wrap this sweater like a real kimono, creating a sense of relaxed sophistication. One feature I noticed in almost all of the pieces was a focus on different styles and proportions of the collar. On several cardigans, the use of a shawl collar provided both definition and structure that made the sweaters almost blazer-like. A few of the outerwear pieces featured collars that were high and functional, great for protecting the face from the lingering wind of an early spring day. I’m looking forward to grabbing a few of these jackets, because we all know this winter isn’t going to end any time soon.

B:scottPhoto Courtesy of B:Scott

Now that the B:SCOTT S/S 2010 collection is hitting local boutiques you’re asking yourself, what’s next for Brandon? Of course he’s already designing a collection for Fall 2010, but in the meantime there are a few things to keep an eye out for. This February Scott is planning to open a butcher-shop-themed pop up shop in Seattle, to be accompanied by a fashion show. Meanwhile, Context Clothing is planning a March release of Scott’s exclusive three-piece capsule collection. There are lots of plans in the works for Brandon Scott right now, all proof that hard work and determination are just as important as talent and vision.

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