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At almost 30, MTV is no longer the new, fresh-faced kid on the block that it used to be back in the 80’s. They struggled to bring what was, at the time, underground movements to the heart, eyes and minds of young adults- they brought hip hop to suburban kids in Kansas for Christ’s sake! It was once regarded as the industry standard to plug an artist- if MTV put it’s stamp of approval on it, well, it had to be cool.

For a time they were the anti-establishment that was almost completely accepted by everyone from the metal kids and the disco kids to the alt and new wave kids, etc. Fast forward almost 15 years later and we’ve watched the decline. Great awards shows and music videos were replaced with lamer and lamer (sweet lord how many more of these awful shows can one network make!) shows.

Technology had knocked MTV out of mass medium  status as blogs and, lord knows what, other resources became the first to drop that new ‘it’ brand, clothing style, or gadget. Even the music community was ousting it- remember Justin Timberlake at the MTV award ceremony telling MTV to play more videos? If I was Dave Sirulnick I would have taken that as a call to arms and put things in motion.

So, in the last two years we’ve seen them make a feeble attempt to play more videos, they just splice mere seconds of artists into everything.Now enter Pete Wentz and FN MTV -I can assume you know what that “FN” eludes to. From the looks of it, if you fit into anyone of these demographicsyou probably watch the show. If you’re into the indie, hipsters, DJ electro thing, they are reaching out to you by trying to be the first to premiere videos or segments on artists like MSTRKRFT and the Ting Tings. How long will this last? I don’t know, I’ve TiVo’ed the show a few times and managed to only watch it through once without feeling the urge to murder my roommates.

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