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April 17th, 2008 by

Git Cadillac

It’s been a pretty busy couple of months for the staffers here at The Retrospective. When we aren’t engaged in bringing you the latest and greatest we all work respective day jobs. That being said, the lack of updates hasn’t gone unnoticed. We are asking our readers far and wide if they are interested in being writers and contributors. If so, give us a shout because we want to keep the content here as fresh as possible.

We want to thank the guys over at the BKc for throwing us a shout out this month on their blog and wish them continued success in their world domination. Lord knows we will be bringing you a slew of updates from our friend Chris and the fashion-forward gang over at Love Brigade. We also have interviews coming up with buzzed about artists Designer Drugs and Kid Cudi (thanks to Vaughn Fender for hooking that up). In the months since the initiative was taken to bring this blog to a higher level we’ve been really lucky that a growing community of people have enjoyed what we do. I’ve been living in the Bay area for about 6 months now and it’s a great place to develop content for you guys. We’ve been bouncing around ideas of video segments as well as the possibility of releasing a limited edition t-shirt. I will be heading back East in about a month to bring the hustle home and start grindin’ on getting us connected with even more creative types and endeavors. Stay tuned folks and to quote the guys over at the BKc, “West Coast, East Coast, World Wide.”

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    Hey – cool site! Hows it going?