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DJ Skeet Skeet is shaking the sand out of your drawls at the Miami Winter Music Conference

March 31st, 2009 by

Imagine an island paradise: white sandy beaches, a cold drink sweats in your hand, the hot chick from James Bond emerges from the breakers.  It’s tranquil, sunny, peaceful….BORING.  Now, take that same scenario and add Skeet Skeet and a bunch international DJs playing some dance-battle worthy breakbeats, and watch as your little paradise island turns into a rager! Gansevoort South is booming with flavor from all over, led by DJ Skeet Skeet–an LA native with roots in punk and hardcore sound–as industry professionals from 70 different countries krunk and mill. That’s the vibe here in Miami at the Winter Music Conference, the grandaddy of all dance music industry events.  When the rockin’ stopped for set break, The Retrospective went behind the scenes for some face time with DJ Skeet Skeet.

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