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Twin Tigers “Gray Waves¨ is a Rendezvous In The Park

March 15th, 2010 by

Twin Tigers Gray Waves
Photo Courtesy of Twin Tigers

When a friend of mine told me about the band Twin Tigers and recommended I check them out, I was reminded of the awkwardness surrounding the average blind date. I´d never heard of the Athens, Georgia band and was nervous that after I listened to them my friend would ask me the usual questions one might after having introduced you to a certain someone they hope you’ll pursue. What if my friend loves this band and I’m simply unimpressed? I fretted. Would my friend feel differently toward me? Would I feel awkward around my friend after? I deliberated. I wondered if I should make up an excuse about hair washing, a death in the family, or a sick pet, but despite the uncertainties, I manned up and gave Gray Waves, Twin Tigers’ first full length album, a listen, and am pleased to report that my first impression of their music wasn’t bad.

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