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Doing It In Public

June 4th, 2008 by


“Wow, you should take a rest, sunshine.”

“No way, not ’til Public‘s dead.”

I’m sitting in the back seat of Sophia, aka Piece’s car, with Nick Marsh, better known as Public- the mirror-masked artist that is stealing the hearts of dance-happy youngsters at “Blow Up” here in San Francisco. He has also become the center of attention for big name shows like “Villains” in L.A.  He’s been on the coveted Blow Up lineup roster a handful of times as well as parties like Emily Betty’s No More Conversations. He’s also on the roster for EB’s new party Young Bloodz, starting Friday, June 2nd, at Milk on Haight St.  Public puts on an energetic, frenzied performance and apparently it gets pretty hot under that mask (and everywhere else!)

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Weekends are for Amateurs

May 28th, 2008 by

Rchrd Oh

It’s Wednesday night, and while my Sociology final kept me from the M.I.A. concert, I know of a very very hot afterparty going on.  Wait, hot party on Wednesday?  Thanks to Rchrd Oh?!, Sleazemore, and the ever-so-lovely Parker Day, you had better fucking believe it.  The trio, who are also responsible for the hot and dirty Lights Down Low at 222 Hyde (every first and third Friday of the month) bring us the weekly Infatuation, which they throw at the super-plush Vessel, just off of Stockton and Sutter, on easily-missed Campton Place.

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May 28th, 2008 by

The other night I was hanging out with my roommate, Juan, and his lady.  He was making dinner and I said, “Hey, let’s turn on some music.  Anyone have any suggestions for me to put into Pandora?”  Juan, being the poster child of brilliance, had a better answer-  “Oh, have you ever tried Musicovery?  It’s an older program, but way better than Pandora.”

I pull up the site on his laptop and start clicking around.  First of all, the interface is gorgeous, its a big web of colored circles and on a sidebar you can choose genre, tempo, dark vs. positive, and calm vs. energetic.  Like Pandora, you can bookmark the songs you like or dislike.  Also, you can choose the decade and year that you want music from.  We wound up playing a combination of jazz, world, funk, and disco from the 1970s to present along with a dark feel and energetic beat.  Yessssssss.

The other fun thing is that  you can get lost fooling around with this website for hours.  Good times.  It’s my favorite shiny new toy!

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A Tropical Torment

May 8th, 2008 by

virgen de guadalupe

Take Buenos Aires and stick it in Oakland. You know, like what Shawn Reynaldo (aka Disco Shawn) and Gavin Burnett (aka ORO11) did after meeting on the Buenos Aires DJ circuit through mutual friends in late 2006. We should thank these guys for bringing cumbia to the Bay Area in a way that no one else really is.

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