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FROM THE KLAX: “Get Busy Living” – Ryan De La Hoz

April 30th, 2010 by

KLAX Ryan De La Hoz Get Busy Living
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Every so often an artist goes from being unknown to a force to be reckoned with in what seems like a matter of a moment. Ryan De La Hoz is currently living in that moment. KLAX is proud to bring you “GET BUSY LIVING”, a short film about Ryan De La Hoz and the meanings surrounding his work. The one single take away from his work revolves around the word fragility. The definition of fragility is the quality or state of being easily broken or destroyed. Ryan has the ability to expose beauty to things that could easily be misconstrued as negative or detrimental to human kind. As we move forward in a very complex and challenging global culture, Ryan’s work speaks a simpler language of recognizing the beauty that surround us. There is a constant theme in Ryan’s work of hope for a better tomorrow, and that is as beautiful as the work itself.

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    Ryan De La Hoz is dat new new

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    Real Men Get Busy Living