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We Are Each Other: Chris Piascik

March 9th, 2009 by

In an effort to foster relationships and create dialogues with the creative forces that inspire us, “We Are Each Other” is an on-going series that spotlights designers in various design disciplines. These in-depth interviews and essays showcase our belief that we are all extensions of a larger artistic community, inspiring and motivating each other to new heights of imagination and innovation.


One peek at Chris Piascik‘s wildly imaginative work and you’ll be wondering what’s going on inside this illustrators head. Rooted in illustration and a love for hand drawn typography, Chris’ work features enigmatic characters, personal introspection, and a hint of humor that teeters on genius. Aside from being a designer living in Boston he and our last WAEO designer, Vaughn Fender, run an online apparel shop, Print Brigade.

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Chris Piascik. I am an artist / designer residing in Cambridge, MA. I post daily drawings on my blog. I have a small apparel company called Print Brigade and I am a designer at Alphabet Arm. Basically, I do not sleep.

Selected Work
We Are Each Other
Election Collection Cover Print Brigade T-Shirt
I Like to Ride Bikes
2008 Recap

5 typefaces that you are currently digging right now
I often draw my own type, I love hand-lettering.
Thesis Serif
Lubalin Graph

4 books that inspire you?
Hand Job, A Catalog of type / Mike Perry
As someone who draws type on the regular this book is an endless source of inspiration. There is a really great selection of artists and designers featured.

Some People Can’t Surf / Art Chantry
I became interested in graphic design before I knew it was a profession. When I was younger I would take apart album packaging and make my own. When I realized someone actually was paid to do album art direction I knew I wanted in on the action! I first discovered Art Chantry through his album design work. I have been a fan ever since.

D.I.Y Design / Ellen Lupton
Admittedly, this book is not aimed at designers, yet I found so much useful information in it. It is really inspiring and empowering. When I first picked this book up, I read through it all in one sitting.

The Elements of Typographic Style / Robert Bringhurst
Every now and then I just need to nerd out on type.

3 people you admire

Herb Lubalin
Glenn Danzig
Richard Stevens

2 things you want to do before you die

Have a book of my work published
Have a solo-show of my paintings in a real-deal-fancy-pants gallery

1 motto you live by

work > sleep

To view more of Chris’ work please click here

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