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Zannel – Twitter on the roids

October 11th, 2008 by


First, explaining to someone what “micro-blogging” is can be a hard and funny task, but a lot of us are doing it every day without knowing it. Besides the ubiquatous staple micro-blogging site Twitter, if you use popular services like Facebook and Myspace and update your “status” you’re essentially micro-blogging. The one difference being that instead of just a network of friends, anyone and everyone can see and partake in a conversation with you. I just started working for Zannel– a new startup based out in San Francisco which is going into it’s second year of being public. Zannel takes some of the key features of micro-blogging, like character limits and following friends, and adds more multimedia features like audio and video. All of these can be operated simply and efficiently from either your mobile phone or computer. Because of its added features it’s been described by tech critics and users as,  “Twitter on steroids”, but fret not friends. It won’t snap at you for no reason in the middle of the day and beat you into a  pulp, or at least I don’t think so. It can be embedded to other great web services like your blog, Facebook, Myspace and even Twitter. Which is great for everyone from actors, musicians and businesses to stay connected with friends and fans. Signing up is a snap, and wait there’s a contest at work- if I get 100 people to sign up I win a snazzy prize, so come on and sign up, make me your friend and start Zanneling! Note: drop me a line if you signup by leaving a comment on this post

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