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We take a trip to visit the man on the moon – K.i.D. CuDi Interview

July 1st, 2008 by


Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Cleveland native turned Brooklyn resident K.i.D CuDi. If you don’t know who CuDi is, get out from whatever hole your living in and go to your local club/disco/hipster hangout and see if you don’t hear his summer jam “Day n Nite”. A genuinely nice, intelligent, and funny guy, we really enjoyed getting to know who the man on the moon really is and what he has in store. Thanks to Vaughn over at Peculiar Bliss for making this happen and subsequently putting up with our scheduling issues. Check out the interview after the jump.

Why do you refer to yourself as “the man on the moon”?

I got it from a movie that came out in the late 90’s called “man on the moon” starring Jim Carey based on the life and death of comedian Andy Kaufman. I remember watchin’ it as a kid and not seeing the significant message in it and then I watched last year and was like, “yooo, that’s me musically.” Andy Kaufman did the comedy he thought was funny, what made him laugh, no matter how left-field it was. He hated the normal dry shit; the scripted type comedy most comedians did at that time and i am that. I got why they called him the man on the moon, it wasn’t because he was a weirdo, it was because he was in a zone all by himself, just like me

So I am the man on the moon of music, ’cause I do the shit I like. If people like it cool, if not, fuck it- at least I’m stayin true to myself, not like most people in this world

Kid Cudi

How do you balance aspirations to act with your musical touring schedule?

Well, right now I’m stayin focused on the music, accomplish one goal at a time at this point; but, once the album is finished I’m definitely going to start pursuing acting full time. I watch movies and get mad excited cause its the first real dream I ever had.I know a lot of artists say “ohh, I’ve always wanted to do acting” blah blah blah but I’m dead ass serious (haha) please believe me when I say it- I will be a great actor, I’m claiming that.

How did your relationship with Fools Gold come about?

Plain Pat whose my manager introduced me to A-Trak and then later on we played him some records and he saw the vision.I saw his vision for the label so we made it happen and now the rest is history

You’ve been categorized as “hipster rap”- grouped with artists like WALE, THE COOL KIDS, MICKEY FACTZ and Donnis.  How do you feel about this?

I don’t care. People in this world like to categorize shit all the time and everything is always divided up into different genres or categories and not just letting shit be what it is; which is the next level. Music that gets you excited about music again so they can throw me in any category they want. As long as they like it and they’re listening.

kid cudi

We’re seeing more artists do hip hop and mix it up with electro, rock and indie dance music. Lyrically we’re seeing some really great MC’s come out. Do you think this is the shape of things to come or just a passing trend?

Times always change, I wouldn’t say its a trend- just people experimenting with different vibes . Creative minds inspire each other so more cats are doin’ it, but soon it’ll get played out like everything else and there will be another sound. That’s what I’m aiming for, that other sound.

Many artists have embraced streetwear/couture, and I noticed one of your sponsors is 10 deep, a well respected brand. How did they embrace your style/music, and how do you guys work together other than the obvious sweet gear?

They were fans of Day n Nite and saw the overall K.i.D CuDi vision. They were the first to recognize and I appreciated that, so I made the connection.

kid cudi 10 deep

What can we expect to see and hear from CuDi in the coming year?

You’ll see the game change, you’ll hear beautiful mind bending music and you’ll see me grow and all aspects of entertainment

If you could perform with any artist(s), living or dead who would you go out on tour with?

I’d have to name 2 people, living would have to be Andre 3000 and Kanye, as far as a fallen soldier it would have to be Tupac…hands down.

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