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“My Quick Smells Like French Toast”

March 19th, 2008 by


This is why Wieden + Kennedyare a powerhouse of an ad agency. This is the most recent 30 second spot for Nike’s new “SPARQ Training” program that was anounced this week. Everything from the copy to the attitude that the athletes execute sells, “Hey, maybe I should go out and pick up some Nike gear and get my game better”. The allure of the trash talking is what really made me want to further investigate what the heck I was watching. Lines like, “your agility owes my agility two bucks” and “my speed is already watching the next commercial” are genius. Wieden + Kennedy has been working with Nike for years on its branding and identity campaigns and has, ever so often, shined in delivering a stunning message for Nike. From designing their iconic swoosh logo to orchestrating their now multi-tear ad campaigns that go from the tradational to the viral and interactive. Here’s Nike’s official press lease on “SPARQ”.

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  • 1 JimDekloe Mar 30, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    This is one of the most offensive ad campaigns in memory. I would think that it would create a backlash, with many other viewers having the same “I hate this cocky attitude” reaction that I did. Since when has insulting the opponent and trash talking in such a blatant way been in fashion? It reminds me of the Schlitz beer commercial “Don’t Take My Gusto Away” – Schlitz went out of business shortly after that. I can only hope that the same fate awaits Nike. A pox on them and their ad agency for this.