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Good Things Are Coming

February 27th, 2008 by

Good Things are coming

Wow, this has been such a busy week; Jason and I are both battling the perils of midterms that are soon to come. Anyway, on to more important matters at hand. Since the redesign of the website we’ve gotten some great feedback and have been moving forward to really make this site worth coming back to and reading. Here’s some quick news about what’s going on around here:

On average the site is getting about 1,500 hits per day and readers are spending around 5 minutes here which, in website context, is huge! We’re slowly moving up in both our Technorati and Google standings. We’d like to thank Trevor (DJ SKEET SKEET) for throwing us a link which always helps us out in the blog sphere. Currently we’ve got a few interviews underway that should be showing up soon including: Heron Preston, Young Global (My Global Hustle) and hopefully, if we can get this coordinated right, Jon Phenom (Hay Fam Show).

I’d also like to thank Ali who is our editor and makes sure we don’t sound like 9 year olds writing this. Like the title implies good things are coming and the gang and I are trying our best to have as much content available for reading as possible. With this we are currently searching through our arsenal of friends for guest authors who would continue to help us move this blog forward. Thank you for bearing with us as I continue to tweak the site.

(Yes I know the “about” and “archive” links don’t work 🙂 I’m working on it)

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    Well, you’ve got me hooked!