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  • Welcome to the party, we’ve been expecting you!

    July 29th, 2007 by

    It’s FINALLY here! Two years in the making blood, sweat, and tears (web standards)! After much hype The Retrospective has arrived for all to experience and let me tell you, I want to bloody cry. Coupled with the pressure of a timely release, the apprehension of picking open old wounds in order to arrive at this point has paid off because we are now *gasp* open for browsing.

    The last few weeks have been pretty interesting; I’d been going through a ton of personal upheaval in my life. Amongst one of the regrets was not seeing through with The Retrospective. The project had been abandoned and I hadn’t spoken to anyone about this project in such a long time. This was mainly because up until now, it seemed like THE MOST EPIC FAILURE AND UNDERTAKING OF MY LIFE and I just didn’t want to ever hear about it, seriously, ever again. Enter Jason Reid. For those poor souls unacquainted with him, he’s sort of a wunderkind that can be described as a fine tuned mix of brilliant musician, poet, writer, party animal etc etc. Call him the ying to my yang (I dare you to laugh at that last statement).

    Jason insisted on slyly inserting The Retrospective into conversations we’d had on everything from fashion, art, preposterous trends, music, food, travel, and culture. He’d been looking for a place to vent his views on the wonders of culture and I, at one point, had an avenue for him.

    I have always envisioned my ideas in the “big picture”. I suck and boy do I mean SUCK at executing such big ideas. Therefore, this project went through developmental hell and, eventually, I had to quietly take it out back like Ole Yeller and shoot it.

    Like I said, The Retrospective was a massive undertaking. I had touted it as this behemoth that would be a revolutionary website encompassing the BEST in web portals for music and social networking**. I enlisted some of the most brilliant mad scientists a dude going to college with no budget for this could muster. The upcoming year promised a new frame of mind and room for brainstorming thus resulting in beautiful design and software.

    So getting back to Jason. He’d approached me and as I spilled to him the woes and misfortunes I had run into while on the project I could see the wheels spinning in his head. He took my big idea and executed it into the site you see today. We’re hoping that we can build some really great connections to not only the people visiting the site but also to the creative people and things we want to share. Giving all an ever changing glimpse into things we find engaging, fun, extracurricular, hip, cool, trendy, pathetic, self-righteous, absurd, ingenious, etc.

    As time progresses we will always be looking for ways to improve this site.
    I wanted to extend a MASSIVE thanks to the following people who worked on the very first incarnation of this project.
    Paul Cribb, Antonio Alcorn, Rob Petrini, Haamid Dash, Scott, Nick Comparone, Caitlin Schiller, Max Horwich, Kristen Blacker, Brian Brennan, Caitlin O’Connor, Ali Owens. Rick Bober, Julie Pihonak.

    *I think the first version of this site went through 5000 false starts
    **At that time my goal was to compete and out do myspace and facebook ( crazy I know but not undoable)

    PS if anything on the site doesn’t look right please get in contact with us. Also pardon our dust as the next coming days might have us doing quick changes to the site.

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    • 1 Sarah Rose Aug 2, 2007 at 11:28 pm

      I’m proud of you kiddo! Congrats. So where’s the party at?

    • 2 Tommy Aug 12, 2007 at 12:40 pm

      Why are all your links dead? You would think there would be more content after a few years of developing.

    • 3 Gitamba Aug 12, 2007 at 2:55 pm

      Hey Tom, yeah as soon as this went up I was off on a crazy tour. By tommorrow all the links and more content should be up. We;ll def also be tweaking wordpress as it was our first time aronud working with it.

    • 4 Caitlin Aug 31, 2007 at 9:32 am

      Git, Amazing site. Really great work. Makin’ me proud!