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We get cozy with, “The Carps”

July 29th, 2007 by


The Carps

This is the interview between Jahmal Tonge and I at 3:20 pm, hours away from the launch of the site.

Yo what the dilly? Mr. Tonge I presume?

Yea boi!
So I know you gotta get this in, in a few hours right? Hit me with those questions

Well thanks. I almost just fainted to be honest.

Not eating? Too hot? LOL!

I was venting to my editor and it’s been pretty hilarious. Didn’t think I’d make the deadline. The review is done. LOL. I actually just made breakfast.

Breakfast? You on the west coast?

Hahaha. Sadly no. Its 3:20pm in Connecticut. I stayed up all night listening to the album over and over and wrote my review.

Hahaha. Dope. My lady is making some lunch right now. So I’m gonna hit that up soon.
But shoot away with the questions

Alright, how long have you been working together? How did The Carps come to be?

Well, Neil and I were friends before we were a band. The band came about really as something to do between golfing and skateboarding. And it’s taken over our lives as the years have gone on.

What an odd pairing, skateboarding and golfing. Nice real nice. So tell me what do you think is the formula that makes the carps work?

I was the golfer by the way…lol. There really is no formula. If we had some sort of structure to the way we carry out our music, it wouldn’t sound the way it does. It’s gotta be open to everything at all times. The only really formula is, “is it dope? Can we play it?”

How would you describe your music? From what i’ve noticed there’s a lot of elements of some classic artist such as bell div devoe, prince, of course Michael Jackson. Do you regard these artists as influences? What would you say are your main influences?

We try to avoid any overt and broad comparisons to our music simply because the listener goes into the disc with ideas about what it should be. I mean, EVERYBODY loves Michael. TWO accusations of molestation and a new record on the way? If only R.Kels could be so lucky.

That’s free publicity for him. They could never put the man away. Very true though. So what’s for lunch?

Some Jerk Chicken or something. My girl is from Sudan, so I’m trying to get her into cooking West Indian food that I won’t be eating anyways

Jerk chicken is all time favorite. I’m Jamaican so it’s a staple in my house to cook curry chicken, jerk chicken and pork, rice and red beans, you know the drill

Wha!? A Jumaican you be bredren? A wha yuh tal, man, I and I come from Antigua you know. Me nah lub wes indian food too tuff though

Ya mon. I and I come from St. Catherine, Spanish town.

How do you feel about your U.S. audience versus Toronto’s?

HAHA. I LOVE American audiences.

This question should of came with a disclaimer.

They have no problem putting up their hands, dancing, and generally being free.

So tell me what have you been listening to lately?

Neil: Busy P, Justice. General shit the hipster punks listen to because people in bands and record labels tell them to.

Jahmal: Cities in Dust, Interpol, The Slack Republic

Basically the bands the hipsters used to like before french DJ’s were the rage.

Ha. I love Busy P. and the new Interpol album is looking really good but that’s a whole another conversation.

How did you come to make a deal with Urbnet Records?

Any plans or desire to sign with a U.S. label? Vice? Last Gang?

Urbnet is an indie label that has had quite a bit of success in Canada

And they really liked our record.

Last Gang is a Canadian label, and seeing those guys around town, them, Paper Bag records, Arts & Crafts…
They work so HARD. And we knew none of them could focus on our record the way urbnet would. It was a no brainer.
There have been talks in the states

But nothing concrete?

But either the labels have offered completely ludicrous deals or they are waiting on somebody else to take a jump before really coming hard.

Isn’t that always the case?

It’s funny, because we manage ourselves, so we deal with record label guys all the time. And we’ve realized that nobody can sell records as good as we can from the boot of our car.

From what I’ve noticed both of you gentlemen like to keep yourselves well dressed and always looked ever so dapper. On the sneaker tip, it’s always been uncanny. Any new buys for you guys?

Well, we HATE the sneaker culture that has crept up and is trying to align itself with fashion. A pair of $300 sneakers does NOT make an outfit. And while quality garments do come at a price, we just buy what’s nice

I have to admit I’m rather horrible when it come to sneakers but true, a pair of sneakers does not make an outfit, it complements it.

I mean, we try to be fresh but most times we miss. But on the days we are on point, we hire a photographer and spend $3000 on a shoot. Just to hedge our bets you know? lol

Yea. For sure. LOL.

All right we’re pretty much done here. Is there anything in particular you like to say to a reader that might want to take a listen to you guys?

Yea, George Bush is still your president.


You can’t afford NOT to listen to Canadian music


LOL. Thanks man I’m a go see what this macaroni salad is saying

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