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  • A message from the management

    October 19th, 2009 by


    If you have visited or stopped by in the last couple of months you’ve certainly noticed that we have been very mute. We’ve used the last few months to evaluate how we do what we do and even if we were the right people to do it. Hell, our absence even prompted bids to buy the property from us, which was flattering but a real wake up call.

    We’d like to formally announce that the wheels are turning again and we are working to get back to our “A” game. We’d very much like to apologize to persons we were supposed to cover for the blog but haven’t, and the creatives who were in line to be featured in our “we are each other” series but put on hold. We have some great new ideas and exciting developments underway. We really want to say thank you to our fabulous contributors(past and present), you the readers, and everyone we’ve worked with over the years.

    Thank You: Jeff Staple (stpl design), Rickey Kim (Evil Monito/Epiphany Media), Mimi Tamaoki (Swagger), The Brooklyn Circus, Chris Piascik, Kid Cudi, Vashtie Kola (Violette), Larry Ossei-Mensah (My Global Hustle), Mega (HUF/Blackscale), Chion Wolf, Nike/Spark PR, Vaughn Fender, Duncan Jones (Moon), Cut Off Your Hands, John Maeda (RISD), Paul Octavious, Kareem Black, Jon Phenom (Hay Fam), Johanna Beyenbach (undercurrent) Christopher Dang (Love Brigade), Heron Preston, Chiara Bautista, Theophilus London & The Lovers, The Galaxy Riders, Hollywood Holt, Million Dollar Mano, Mo Billionaire (We Do Not Follow), Thursday, DJ Skeet Skeet (Eat Skeet), Magdi Fernandes (We Are HQ), Chris Devlin (spankrock / BBC), Francis Farewell Starlight (Francis and the Lights), 160over90, V V Brown, LEGO, Leo Kesting Gallery, Mother NY, Melody Ehsani, 3sixteen. Alan the Gallant, The Fizix, Dee & Ricky, Dolan Group, Eugene Whang (Public Release), Glam Media, Daniel Beckerman (Retrosuperfuture), Bianca Benitez (Dear Creatures), Fred Flare.
    If we’ve missed anyone please know we are blessed and thankful for your support

    That being said we’re back, but please don’t call it a comeback.

    – Sincerely Yours The Retrospective.

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    July 20th, 2009 by

    Last month, my good friend Charlie shared a link on my Facebook wall. That link was to the music video for, “Box ‘n Locks”, by singer- songwriter, MPHO (pron. mm-poh). By the time the clip was over, I was left mesmerized and had become an instant fan. MPHO is a London based artist who has been involved in the music industry for more than a decade, and is now blasting to the forefront and displaying to the world her immense talent for verse and vocal. Born in apartheid South Africa to a white mother and black father, Mpho’s very birth was illegal due to the nation’s then restrictive laws on interracial relationships. She immigrated to Britain at the age of four and grew up in bustling South London. Mpho comes from a musical family and her upbringing in the multicultural Brixton neighborhood has greatly influenced her artistry. She attended the renowned BRIT School for Music and spent many years providing backing vocals for artists like Natasha Bedingfield and Ms. Dynamite.

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    July 12th, 2009 by


    One of my favorite brands in New York right now is 3sixteen. With the economy the way it is and the already oversaturated retail market, I feel like it’s important to support good independent brands.  I like brands that are not afraid of just doing their own thing. The brand is the creation of Andrew Chen and Johan Lam. While initially starting out as a T-shirt line in 2003, 3sixteen took a hiatus regrouped and returned as a diverse brand with well crafted garments. The pieces range from structured ties, high quality denim and still some great Tee’s. Personally I’m really into their take on the Utility shirt silhouette.  Here are a couple videos released by 3sixteen, one featuring there Fall 2009 Photoshoot and “A Day with 3sixteen”, enjoy:

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    In Memoriam – Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009)

    June 26th, 2009 by

    Like so many of you, I was shocked and saddened yesterday upon hearing of the sudden passing of the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. In the hours since his death, millions of people have come together to mourn this man who is arguably one of the greatest entertainers to ever walk this Earth, but we all know that he did so on “the moon” as well. What can one really say about Michael that hasn’t been said already. He was a showman who’s perfectly assembled pop songs invoked strong feelings from all of us. Whether it was the excitement of “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” or the aggressiveness of “Bad“, Michael’s music was a soundtrack for several generations of folks all across this world. I would go as far as to claim that MJ’s global notoriety was on the same level as Christ himself. His distinct fashion sense and lightning quick dance moves were also undeniably part of his persona. If it weren’t for Michael, you wouldn’t have an acceptable reason to grab your crotch in public! I will always remember listening to “You Are Not Alone” incessantly on the radio when I was in the 2nd grade.  Despite all the controversy that followed him in the later years of his life, Michael was still the consummate performer. Let us now remember this man who had an impact on so many lives, both young & old, “Black & White“. Cry, laugh, sing, and celebrate his achievements, and “if they say ‘why’, tell ’em that it’s human nature.” We love you, Mike.

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    Chris Piascik Solo Show at Chorus Gallery

    June 9th, 2009 by


    Our good friend Chris Piascik who was kind enough to participate in our We Are Each Other series, has a solo show coming up that we think you should go check out.

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    From Japan with Love – An Interview with Mimi Tamaoki

    June 8th, 2009 by

    Photo Credit: JAY ELEGANCE

    The internet has changed everything. When you look at contemporary culture—youth culture especially—people are tapping blogs, social networks, and other online resources to scout trends and entertainment from places that fascinate them but may be just out of reach. This type of innocuous transmission isn’t new and we’ve seen it before. MTV did it when they introduced suburban kids to things like grunge, hip-hop, & punk rock for example in the 80’s and 90’s.

    Thanks to the internet, today’s youth culture is influenced from every corner of the globe. That kid in Iowa just copped the latest jeans to drop from Hiroshi Fujiwara in Japan because he’s glued to Hypebeast, while another kid in Kansas is all about the new Foals record because he lives and breathes websites like Stereogum. With brands being so visible on the internet how do they connect with audiences they have yet to meet? We had the pleasure to catch up with Mimi Tamaoki who is the PR/Branding/Marketing director for Japanese brand Swagger, in the US. Mimi has also worked with brands such as TI$A(Taz Arnold), Phenomenon, Trilly & Truly(Lupe Fiasco)  and Dee & Rickey. She herself faces this and many other challenges in her day-to-day. Read on for Mimi’s insights on streetwear, Japanese culture, and how global brands make a big splash in the US.

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