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  • FROM THE KLAX: Ryan De La Hoz “Get Busy Living” Trailer

    April 26th, 2010 by

    The Deft Collective

    *The Retrospective, The Klax, & Peculiar Bliss are all members of
    The Deft Collective.

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    Francis and the Lights, Live At Red Devil Lounge

    January 26th, 2010 by

    francis and the lights the retrospectivePhoto Credit: Alicia Adams

    There must be something beautiful and dangerous happening inside the mind of Francis Farewell Starlite. Having experienced his live shows only through a few video clips here and there, I was ecstatic to hear that he would be gracing the stage at San Francisco’s Red Devil Lounge. Although I had no idea, YouTube was about to get blown out of the water: writing this piece was maybe almost as difficult as it must be for Francis and the Lights to duplicate through any form of digital media what I saw live at 2009’s close.

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    Dream Big, Do Big: Jules Kim Is Poised to Take Over

    January 13th, 2010 by

    Jules KimPhoto Credit – Alessandro Simonetti

    To call Jules Kim and her brand Bijules “edgy” would be doing her a disservice—and it might insult her, too. A difficult-to-pinpoint mixture of unsettling, unexpected, and all-out modern swank, Jules’ unique jewelry pieces are as resistant to pigeonholing as the woman who dreams them up. Perhaps partly due to this mystique, everyone from our friend Kareem Black to the fashion world’s editorial elite has been singing her praises, and while she was on a recent stop in San Francisco, I had a chance to catch up with her. We chatted about her hustle past and present and the brand philosophy that’s poised to change the status quo of the luxury jewelry market.

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    A Message From The Management & Hollywood Holt

    January 11th, 2010 by

    Gitamba & Hollywood Holt

    It’s been a jet set weekend for The Retrospective’s staff. While our Editor in Chief headed back to Spain, I spent the past 48 hours hopping from coast to coast. During my time in New York City, I caught up with Heron Preston, Larry Ossei-Mensah of My Global Hustle, Jesse Poe of DMDxd, Johanna Beyanbach of Undercurrent, blogger Matt Cohen and Yuji Fukushima of Blue in Green. In addition to getting a moment to reconnect with our East Coast team, I saw the lovely Mimi Tamaoki and had some facetime with The Brooklyn Circus. While at the Nike Sportswear release of the new DJ AM shoe, I also got some facetime with Hollywood Holt, whose new album will be dropping this spring. Last time we ran into Holt he was destroying San Francisco’s Vessel Lounge while on tour with Kid Cudi and Million Dollar Mano where the above photo was taken.

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    Mystery Team Music Video w/ Childish Gambino & MC Chris

    December 22nd, 2009 by

    mysteryteamPhoto Credit: Matt Carr/Getty Images

    What happens when you and your college roommates start a comedy troupe and bring it to the interwebs? You then go on to script, direct and produce some of the most popular and hilarious shorts to hit YouTube. To top it all off, you are so popular that YouTube pays you for your shorts! This was the reality for talented comedy team DERRICKcomedy.

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    Saul Williams and the Afro-Punk Tour San Francisco

    December 16th, 2009 by

    Saul Williams AfroPunk San Francisco
    Photo Credit: Whitney Summer

    A few years back my brother Yanick introduced me to a film that gave me a glimpse into a movement of which, up until that point, I didn’t even know I was a part. The film was Afro-Punk, directed by James Spooner, and it touches on not only the musicality of black fronted punk and hardcore bands like Bad Brains and many others, but also the very real racial aspect of being black in the punk rock scene. While no one can really dictate what is or is not black (I’ve actually had other black people tell me I wasn’t black enough, go figure. I was born and raised in Africa, folks!), the film was nevertheless profound.

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